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The Guiding Light

The United States & Latin Veterans Support Embassy is similar in nature to a permanent diplomatic mission, and it is in much higher level than the NOG (Non-Governmental Organization)…
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The United States & Latin Veterans Support Embassy is similar in nature to a permanent diplomatic mission, and it is in much higher level than the NOG (Non-Governmental Organisation) it used to be; therefore, it should be built internally to reflect this prestigious identity and operate accordingly.

The above concept is the cornerstone in this initial guiding plan and will be its main focus towards universally unified entity.

All different aspects of the embassy operations that need attention are totally linked to each other and should be dealt with in harmony considering their natures.

The key-word upgrade can be the best approach in most cases, while add/replace words are suitable for other areas. The Embassy’s Message & Statement is the essence of the intended operation, where the mission and vision shall clearly draw the roadmap, while the administrative hierarchy should perfectly execute them into concrete deeds.

The clarity of the new identity and statement are instrumental to a successful building operation, and the technology is the driving force towards this success.

Automation, communications, global networking and openness are necessities, while human development remains the ultimate tool and the most valuable asset.

This guiding plan aims to point the direction towards the noble goals, and all concerned parties have to participate, involve and contribute to the comprehensive plan of action that will remain our beacon and guiding force for years to come


We plan to achieve the following key projects, both locally (within the United States) and globally as our future vision: 

  • Container Housing, Warehouse and Agriculture
  • Hydroponic, Aeroponics, Aquaponic and Smart Protein Farming
  • Local modern markets
  • Fruit & Vegetables Processing Plants
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Smart Hospital Concept
  • Clean & Renewable Energy
  • Funeral homes and cemeteries
  • Housing support for veterans (and the community)
  • Veterans radio / tv broadcasting
  • Catering
  • Sports and entertainment
  • Security
    • Armed or unarmed guards
    • Cyber
    • Smart Drones
    • CCTV


“United States and Latin Veterans International Chamber of Commerce’s mission, incorporated under the laws of the State of Florida is to foster business relationship between the United States, Latin Veterans, and Veterans around the World.”


The main purpose and drive for success of all members, partners, associates and staff within or linked to ULVSE aim assist and support Veterans both locally and globally to ascertain a basic standard of living after giving service to their country. For the benefit of peace to all mankind on earth.


Since 1985 to present day our illustrious chairman and founder, Mr Waddell McGee has accomplished great feats throughout the 35 years. To name a few, the timeline is as follows:
  • Became an owner of Mississippi cemetery, allowing veterans to be buried with dignity.
  • Established first veterans thrift centre.
  • Veterans’ newsletter and magazine publication.
  • Veterans’ security services.
  • Founded and chairman of the United States & Latin Veterans Support Embassy.
  • United States & Latin Veterans International Chamber of Commerce.
  • Veterans online radio station (WVET).


Veterans Day

Veterans Day

Lunch tomorrow for all our veterans! Thank you for your service.

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