About the Program

If you are interested in giving back to the community, making inspirational connections, earning college credit, or you are looking to launch your career with an internship, USLVSE Miami is continuously looking for dedicated people to join our team. Our internships and volunteer programs are aimed to present students with a chance to explore an admirable career path. Volunteers are essential to our organization, submit the form at the end of this page to join our #volunteer4vets team. Are you looking for internship opportunities? Read the section titled Internships for information on how to apply.

Volunteer Qualifications

The USLVSE #volunteer4vets team is essential to the planning and execution of our events. Volunteers are contacted on a project by project basis, via email and phone where the individual may confirm their participation. We provide each volunteer with the knowledge they need to help us run the events smoothly. Our #volunteer4vets team will have the opportunity to meet distinguished men and women while learning new skills that will give them a competitive advantage in their careers.

We offer college and university students a chance to give back to their community. As a student, you have a vast number of ways in which you can help us depending on your interests. There are only a few requirements which you need to meet:

– Must be a enrolled in a local college or university
– Must be inhibit strong communication and interpersonal skills
– Must have a reliable means transportation

Looking to apply for an internship?


USLVSE Miami has internship positions to be filled where you will have the opportunity to apply what you have learned in school, to a fast paced work environment. Please send your resume, cover letter and a letter of recommendation to info@uslvse.com and subject your email “Intern Applicant, Full Name.” In your cover-letter, mention your strengths, area of interest (i.e. marketing, finance, veteran assistance) and what you hope to gain from working at USLVSE.